Sabrina Bechler

With my work I would like to motivate, encourage and inspire children and adults.

Values & Vision


My vision

A lot of people don’t know that their thinking and acting and therefore the whole inner attitude strongly influences their life. They develop an unhealthy lifestyle, do few things that make them happy, stay in disharmonious relationships, think in a limited way and sometimes feel like a victim of the circumstances.

When children realise early on that a lot can change on the outside when they change something on the inside, they can take better control of their life.

In this way, many of the situations in school, free time, family or surroundings that are labelled as challenging by the children can be prevented or regarded as valuable learning experiences. They can quickly notice and overcome obstacles. They can actively aspire to their aims and desires. They can actively and consciously shape their life and take advantage of appropriate support.

It’s my vision that we adults support children to develop positive attitudes, qualities, strategies and behaviours. Our world needs strong and self-confident children, who actively participate in creating a wonderful future. In my vision I see a world in which every human being can unfold their individuality freely and can live peacefully and joyfully.


My values

The following values shape my fundamental attitude and approach to work:


  • Heartfulness: mindful perception of one’s own heart’s desires
  • Soulfulness: enjoyment of life with the whole soul
  • Meaningfulness: meaningful participation in life and society
  • Gratitude: respectful inner attitude towards circumstances and other human beings
  • Freedom: unlimited and self-determined thinking, feeling and acting
  • Responsibility: autonomous thinking, feeling and acting
  • Respect: respectful interaction with oneself, other beings and the environment
  • Companionship: supportive collaboration with others to create something together

Dr. phil. Sabrina Bechler

In the past, I worked as an English teacher in primary schools as well as a lecturer in English Language Teaching at universities.

At the same time, I attended many seminars for my own self-development and completed some further training. In the process, I got to know many effective methods.

Particularly valuable for me was the work with my inner child, through which I learned to release limiting beliefs and to reflect on unpleasant experiences and transform them into resources. In this way I could change a lot that I internalised as a child and that stood in my way.

At some point I achieved inner freedom, because I decided to let myself be led by my heart and to mainly do what feels right for me.

I realised that what I achieved as an adult is possible for children at a much younger age.

Main focus and working methods


Mental training


Resilience training


Mindfulness and meditation


Timeline (NLP)


Transformation therapy


Emotion code


Walking in Your Shoes


Intuition, sensitivity and mediumship


Intuitive and mediumistic painting


Kids' Skills Coaching


ZENbo® Balance

Sabrina Bechler - Über Mich