Training & Courses


The primary aim is to strengthen children internally and to support them. They realise that they are unique and can spark off their inner light. See Values & Vision.


It is possible to choose between eight modules.

+ Module 1 - Positivity: e.g., creating a positive focus, showing gratitude, seeing the good in difficult situations

+ Module 2 – Feelings: e.g., mindful handling of emotions, showing empathy, keeping an inner balance

+ Module 3 – Communication: e.g., formulating I-messages, being able to say no, respectful social interaction, assertive communication

+ Module 4 – Challenges: e.g., seeing mistakes as a chance to grow, handling a conflict with another person, finding solutions for problems

+ Module 5 – Community: e.g., active shaping of friendships and relationships, supporting each other mutually, respecting the personal space of others

+ Module 6 – Goals: e.g., making decisions, setting one’s own goals and following them, keeping the motivation up, being proud of achievements

+ Module 7 – Happiness: e.g., listening to one’s heart, developing a positive self-image, using affirmations, developing a growth mindset

+ Module 8 – Health: e.g., recharging the inner battery, usage of self-healing strategies, handling stress, relaxing body and mind

Involvement of adults

The training is designed so that at least one important adult participates. An adult can make sure that everything that was learned is integrated into daily life and that the child stays on track. This is important because transformation happens through processes.

Thus, multiple benefits are possible. While the children learn important life skills, the adults can also profit from the training. You receive impulses on how you can support and strengthen your own children or the children you work with. And maybe you can learn something that you can integrate in your own life.

Course design

The training consists of activities, stories, games, role plays, arts and crafts, imaginations, movement and body awareness, mindfulness and meditation.

It mainly contains content from mental and resilience training for children.

Preliminary talk

Before booking, I have a talk with you for free to agree on content and course design.


The prices include the time required for preparation as well as costs for materials.

Selbstbewusstsein stärken bei Kindern

Course for families

Participants: 1-3 children with 1-2 adults who are in touch with the children on a regular basis

Location: at the moment only online via Zoom
Age: 7-10 years
Training sessions: from 5 sessions of 50 minutes each
Price: The course can only be booked as a package
+ 5 sessions: €450
+ 10 sessions: €980
+ 15 sessions: €1380

Kurse in Kleingruppen

Coaching for kids

Core areas:

With the Coaching programme children can ... .

  • acquire skills
  • reach aims
  • use ressources
  • find solutions
  • gain self-confidence
  • master challenges
  • experience successes
  • change habits
  • develop courage
  • unfold potentials

Participants: 1 child, maybe with a parent
Location: at the moment only online via Zoom
Age: 7-12 years
Training sessions:from 1 session of 50 minutes
Price: on request

Kurse für Schulklassen

Workshops, clubs and courses for children in schools and educational institutions


  • Topics of all modules: Positivity, feelings, communication, challenges, community, goals, happiness, health
  • Mentaltraining
  • Mindfulness and relaxation
  • Happiness Club
  • Courage Club

Participants: small groups up to 10 children, bigger groups with more than 10 children with a teacher/ supervisor
Location: Room in the school/ institution
Age: 7-10 years
Training sessions: from 2 sessions of 90 minutes each
Price: on request

Course for families

Workshops for parents, teachers, educators, trainers and coaches


  • Mindfulness and Relaxation with children
  • Fostering a Growth Mindset
  • Supporting children to develop a positive Self-Concept
  • The topic Happiness in daily school and family life
  • Resilience for children

Participants: 5-20 people
Location: according to arrangement
Training sessions: from 2 sessions of 90 minutes each
Price: on request


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